Mentoring opens eyes and doors. How did you get to where you are today? When you were a kid, did you know your job existed? Volunteer your time to mentoring programs or donate to organizations that focus on mentoring youth from diverse backgrounds.

Break Barriers:
Share your skills by mentoring young people outside of industry structures. They are an untapped talent pool whose ideas and energy can be a rich source of inspiration.

Create unexpected opportunities. Offer to mentor someone unlike you within your organization. Challenge your HR team to develop a mentoring program.

Help Someone, Help Yourself:
Statistically, mentors are more productive, more engaged, report higher job satisfaction and are promoted more often. Why? Because mentors learn new skills, too.


We all want to be known for great work. Creative excellence often comes from diverse perspectives. What can you do to challenge the status quo?

Speak Out:
Be a person of action. Be vocal in championing diversity. If something isn’t right, say and do something about it.

Start at the Source:
Every project brief is an opportunity to take a stand. What standards are you setting? Speak up if the work is tone-deaf, promotes bias or is exclusionary in its messages.

Take Risks:
Taking creative risks brings unexpected rewards. Challenge your own creative process. Commit to including voices and perspectives that do not mirror your own during the concept development and pitch process of at least one project this year.


The industry must reflect our world in order to remain relevant. An investment in diversity and inclusion is an investment in the future of creative industries.

Build Strategically:
Change your recruitment process. Rewrite job descriptions and rethink where you post opportunities. Are you excluding candidates because of unintentionally biased job descriptions?

Spend Powerfully:
Allocate and distribute your budget in line with your values. Hire diverse partners and suppliers. Every dollar, or Euro, is an opportunity for inclusion.

Be Open, Be Rewarded:
Talent lies beyond those that apply. Expand your own definition of what defines a strong candidate.


I pledge to #MakeSomeRoom for diverse perspectives.


Streetlights’ mission is to assist talented, motivated young adult minorities to achieve long-term economic stability and career success in film and television production.

SheSays organizes mentorship and events for women, with the goal of supporting female leadership in the creative industry.

The Ideas Foundation
The Ideas Foundation is on a mission to nurture creativity and drive diversity by giving young minds access to networks they wouldn’t normally get, helping them find a path into the creative industries.

Stonewall partners with institutions, including corporate and public sector organisations, local authorities, schools and other community groups, to work towards acceptance without exception for all LGBT people, in Britain and abroad.

Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP)
MAIP supports young multicultural professionals with real-world work experience, training and development, as well as networking opportunities.

Astraea Foundation
Astraea Foundation works exclusively to advance LGBTQI human rights around the globe by supporting brilliant and brave grantee partners who challenge oppression and seed change.

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